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Finally getting back to the blog

I’ve had a long couple of years. I went back to school full time and worked full time. On top of that I made some major personal changes. I’ve realized my garden was really a manifestation of my mind. Kind of a mess. So, my partner and I are in the process of making it what we want, instead of what I want, or thought I wanted. Seems you can’t get anywhere when you don’t include your significant other in the process and you feel you know best. Now, we can make this space the best of what WE want. I can’t wait until we have some progress to share.


I’m a slacker

It’s been over a year since I have posted, and I really have meant to be more active. I’ve just been in a tough place. My garden had a fairly productive year. Lots of peppers and okra and cherries. The tomatoes were not impressive this year.

One major bonus was the incredible amount of self seeding of calendula and borage. Wow!

I added sunchokes that I plan on harvesting soon. The horseradish has grown tremendously, but I’ll be pulling most of it for sharing. Also, potatoes were successful. I’m taking that part of the yard out of production in 2015 in order to clean it up, and improve the soil. It’s the home of a wood pile and a major brush pile. Also,
there is some significant invasive species control that needs to happen. I think I’ll not be growing potatoes next year.

The bumper crop of garlic was the most impressive. I believe I had 120 heads of garlic for eating and reseeding. All planted for 2015.

I hope to be a bit more active here in the future.

September progress




Recent pictures of progress

We have quite a bit of progress in the yard. Tons of plants coming up, and a few things harvested. These pictures are 2 weeks apart. The bottom 2 are from this week.





There have been a few setbacks with bean plants being decimated by an insect of some sort. It could be a rabbit, but it seems as though the rabbits are staying away. Maybe a chipmunk? I do know we have a slug issue in the raised beds in the back.

Also, I have found a shady area I had not discovered previously. The melons are not growing as well as everything else in the yard. I’ll just need to find a more shade tolerant crop for next year, or for the rest of this year. I haven’t decided if I’m going to move the melons yet. Mostly because I don’t know if they’ll transplant well.

There is still plenty to do, but I’m hopeful by fall, things will be in good shape for less work in the future.

LGBT + S = Human


I don’t think it’s fair… I can’t believe this is even a fight… To me this is a simple matter… Based in human rights…

People are simply people… We all struggle with something… LGBT… LMNOP… QRS… TUV… W… X… You… And Me!..

We are all the same… We deserve the same voice… I find it ridiculous… People still think its a choice…

That choice… Well… It’s really none of our fucking business…

When filling out papers… I refuse to choose my race… Put sexual preference on them… I’ll throw it in your face…

My questionnaire… It would be one question… Are you human?..

That’s all that matters… That’s all we should see… The only choice that means a thing… One that brings equality…

Equality to you… Equality to me… If we live in this country… We are technically free…

Straight christian marriage… Freedom is a joke… A sad and blatant…

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Let the fun begin

We’ve planted a row of marigolds around the beds to maybe keep rabbits out. This is working well enough for now. The flowers I planted from seed finally started coming up. Maybe we’ll be have an overabundance of marigolds in the next few weeks? I never marked where and what I planted of the marigolds, calendula, bachelor’s button, and nasturtium seeds. I know for sure we have nasturtiums on the way. What the rest of them our will be a surprise. I can’t wait!

Additionally, I planted all kinds of edible seeds a week ago. There are pumpkins, melons, watermelon, several types of squash and zucchini, beans, soy beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, sunflowers, chard, and some herbs for color, decoration, and to hopefully promote pollinators in years to come.

I still have several types of basil, okra, amaranth, orach, and a bunch of other herbs and flowers growing in the house. I hope to get those in the ground in the next few weeks. Once they have grown a little bigger.

This is going to be a wild haphazard mess. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.


Haphazardness at the beginning


Finally getting my act together

It’s been a busy spring around here, and the weather hasn’t been great yet. I’ve been meaning to finally plant out our front yard and fill up the raised beds in the back yard. That can now be checked off. I can’t wait for the neighbor’s response to the melons, beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, pumpkins, zucchini, and squash as the come up!

I’m still debating whether or not I’ll trellis some of these or just let the vines be ground cover.

It’s not that I haven’t been busy planting around the yard elsewhere, but I just haven’t found the time to plant seeds. I planted a couple thyme plants, oregano, 3 different types of sage, and 10 raspberry plants. I’ve reclaimed another bed with the berries, and I hope I can keep out the “snow on the mountain” from the neighbor’s yard. I planted buckwheat around the raspberries to give it some ground cover, and to ammend the soil.

I’ve also scattered some sunflower seeds and red orach. Oh, and we did this too.


The start of a border

I hope this works. It’s going to be pretty awesome, and haphazard if it does. Which, is just my style. I can’t wait. Although, there is still a ton more work to do, but summer isn’t even officially here yet.


Things are looking up finally

The weather has been beautiful for a week now, and we’ve made some great progress. The cherry and hazelnut trees are in the ground and so are the many perennial native flowers we’ve purchased and received from friends. Next up is to get some more food in the ground, and plant the raised beds in the back yard. Oh, and go get the stones my friend has donated to us for this project. I’m hoping it’s enough to enclose the mulch so it doesn’t mess up the sidewalk and run into our neighbors yards.



Fruit and nut trees going in soon

I hope to have my cherry tree and hazelnut trees in the ground this weekend. Weather permitting. I was going to get at least one of them in the ground tonight after work, but the sky has opened, and a monsoon has followed. Try again tomorrow I guess?

So far so good


I have 3 grow lights working with many varieties of tomatoes and peppers, ad well as a few other oddities. They seem to be doing a lot better than last year. I may actually know what I’m doing finally?